About Us

Welcome to the home of Red-Fox

We are a company committed to motorcycling enthusiasts the world over and have been for many years. We serve the worldwide motorcycle community we are part of by providing well-designed and manufactured products for many styles of rider.

Our aim as a company is to keep supplying you with as many new and exciting products as possible, expanding and adding to our ranges. Utilising UK based design, testing and manufacturing, we are constantly adding to our portfolio with well-designed products that enhance and protect your machine no matter where you are in the world.

Function and style are important factors to us and as such every new product developed must not only offer some form of protection but must also enhance the aesthetics of your machine. To help us achieve this, all of our bodywork products are manufactured from the highest quality plastics including acrylic capped ABS, a medium which offers a very high quality finish resistant to surface crazing, stress cracks and frayed edges unlike fibreglass and carbon fibre products.

Available in four standard finishes: High Gloss Black, Carbon Effect, Silver, and High Gloss White, you can find an addition to compliment and pair your bodywork and machine best. You can either keep the manufactured finished or paint the material easily to create a unique product.

To be as environmentally friendly as we can, we have our left over plastic trimmings collected for recycling. Through technical efficiencies we aspire to achieve a high level of environmental consideration.

We always appreciate customer feedback and from the moment you find us we want you to have a pleasant and rewarding experience, so whether you’re a new customer with questions or an existing customer with a Red Fox’d bike, please feel free to get in touch with any suggestions or questions.

Enjoy your riding in 2023! From all of us here at Red-Fox, have a great year!